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If you seem to be hanging up with the egg sinkers for bait fishing, here is another little trick to try: use a bullet weight designed for bass fishing. These cone shaped sliding sinkers hang up minimally on rocks and brush.

They are also more available in weights under 1/16 ounce. If you prefer a more stationary sinker without the hassle of a leader line, just crimp down on a bullet weight which is tied directly to the primary line, usually 2 to 4 pound test. Use pliers to crimp the weight about 12 to 24 inches above the hook.

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Swift Stream Currents

In very swift current, it may be necessary to increase the sinker weight to keep the bait from rapidly sweeping downstream. Another technique is to use a pencil weight. This unique sinker is basically a very soft piece of lead tube similar in appearance to a fat pencil lead. It has a hole drilled through it and can be fished like a sliding weight.

Use a barrel swivel to butt the pencil weight and keep it from sliding any further. Then attach a separate leader line and hook to the other end of the swivel. This is similar to a sliding egg sinker rig used for still fishing but still effective on bait fishing.

Another option is to use the pencil lead attached to a dropper leader tied to a three way swivel. The shorter dropper leader can be of much lighter line than either the primary line or the other leader with the bait. This way, if the lead gets hung in the rocks while drifting or with a trout on, it will break off from the lighter leader. You can then at least get most of the set up back without retying everything, or you can play the fish out without restriction.

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The secret to the pencil weight is its extreme softness. This makes the lead sinker very malleable, bending back and forth as it crashes into the rocks. The extreme thinness of this sinker also permits the weight to slither over and between obstructions in the stream where other sinkers would get snagged.

Fishing Deep Pools

One other ploy should be considered in fishing deep pools. Believe it or not, you can actually use a small red and white bobber to effectively fish this type of area in the stream for bait fishing. Trout will often stratify or suspend some distance from the bottom in deep, quiet pools.

By attaching the tiny bobber 3 to 4 feet above the hook, you can keep the bait suspended in the pool. This strategy works well for fishing salmon eggs, red worms, crickets, or grasshoppers. It is especially effective with Velveeta Cheese, which is tough to keep on the hook while stream bait fishing.

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