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Angling can be a highly creative endeavor. Sometimes inspiration for new lures takes weird forms, often from familiar objects that become mutated in basement and garage workshops.

One Cape Cod acquaintance swears by a homemade bluefish lure crafted from silverware knives. With a hole punched in the knife tip and the hook fastened to the handle end, it casts like a bullet and swims with the darting motion and flash of an anchovy or similar baitfish.

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Another surf caster capitalized on the rapaciousness of bluefish to land them on a variety of comical lures, including ones made from Barbie and Ken dolls fished backward so that when a bluefish struck, the torso was engulfed, sharklike by the bluefish. This twisted fisherman also cast a lure created from a sex vibrator, which he called a “pink plump popper.” Sealed to become waterproof, armed with hooks, and fished while turned on, it supposedly outperformed some traditional lures.

Of course, getting bluefish to strike is often not a challenge. One fellow demonstrated their rapaciousness by tying a flip-flop to fifty pound-test line and dragging it across the surface over a school of feeding blues. They chewed it to pieces.

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