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Trout fishing is good from shore or boat. Bait fishing is best with marshmallows and salmon eggs, nightcrawlers or mealworm combinations.

Some anglers use a #16 treble hook (baited with a nightcrawler/marshmallow combination) about 3 feet down from a sliding sinker (1/8 ounce). This can be fished on the bottom or below a bobber, using light line (4 pound or even 2 pound test).

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Caster use Kastmasters, Rebels or Rooster Tails. Clear plastic casting bubbles partially filled with water trailing a dry fly are often successful. Bass go for nightcrawlers or plugs, catfish hit on liver, and bluegill bite on red worms or mealworms.

There are several deep holes (up to 40 feet) in Isabel, right out in front of the tackle shop. These holes are probably the most consistent producers of trout in the entire lake. Always try Trout Cove for catfish and trout, and Garbage Can Paint and Pirate’s Cove for catfish.

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