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Pity the unsuspecting mullet. A whirling pointed cross, known as a kylie, may be coming its way.┬áThe word kylie was coined after an aboriginal word for “throwing stick,” a tool used by Australian tribes. Their version was originally made of wood but later was replaced by metal, which penetrates the water more effectively.

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Some mullet hunters make their own kylies from hoop iron, flattening it with a hammer, drilling two holes into it, riveting it, and the smashing it with a hammer again. These deeper-water kylies are in a cross shape, with the throwing arm longer than the others. But all have V-cuts to create two cutting points. A V-shaped kylie is made for shallow water.

Kylie fishing is effective under the right conditions, which include bright sunshine and flat water. Polaroid sunglasses also help. The chief prey of the kylie fishermen are mullet, called “flatheads” Down Under. Kylie fisherman chase flatheads across the sand flats, throwing their whirling weapons when in range.

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