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Florida-strain largemouth bass are king at Lake Amador. More big bass per acre of water come from Amador than from any other lake Northern California. There are many 10 pound-plus fish landed each season. Lake Amador, planted in1969, was one of the first Northern California lakes to get Florida-strain stock.

It is rich in nutrients so the bass thrive and grow rapidly. March, April and May are the prime times for big bass. That’s when they come up to the shallows and move into the covers to spawn.

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Popular lures in spring include spinner baits, cranks baits and plastic worms. Salt and pepper grubs and Pig ‘n Jigs are also winners. Bass seem to strike worms short, so use a four incher to insure a higher percentage of hook-ups.

Fishing Report

Live nightcrawlers on a sliding sinker rig also score. Summertime bass action is in deeper water, except late in the evening or under a full moon. Evening top-water action can be fantastic on Zara Spooks, Hula Poppers,

Rebel Pop-R’s etc. bass anglers fish all night when the moon is full in spring and summer. They work the shoreline in coves and off points with surface plugs. Strikes are savage surface explosions.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout up to 5 pounds have been taken at Amador. Most catches are stocked fish in the ;12 to 15 inch range, but some larger holdovers are present. Popular spots include the first come near the dam off the dock and at any lake inlet that is running. Most anglers anchor and first bait in those inlets in the late winter and spring.

Trollers work the surface in the cooler months, but move deeper as June approaches. Trouting at Amador will improve even more as the lake expands its rearing ponds for fish in the 3 to 4 pound range.

Winter and spring anglers work the top 15 feet of water, while summertime trollers search deep, cool water in the 30 to 45 foot range by the dams, and up the middle of the lake and the Jackson arm. Salmon egg/marshmallow combos, Rooster Tails and Mepps work well. Trollers use Triple Teasers, Kastmasters, Needlefish and Nightcrawlers behind flashers.

In March, crappie start biting, and it gets real good in April, May and June along the shorelines, Fish range up to 2 to 3 pounds. Live minnows work, but mini-jigs in yellow or red and white are the top fish catchers.

Keep the jig moving right off the bottom. Hits often occur on the drop. The redear sunfish and bluegill bite come on strong in June and July in the brushy areas of the lake. Anglers take them with red worms or meal worms under a bobber.

Lake Amador Fishing Report Tips

While many anglers have concentrated on bass, those going after channel and blue catfish at Amador have also been doing well. Action usually begins as early as April on cats up to 20 pounds. But most of the cat fishing activity takes place in the summertime. Chicken livers and anchovies are the bait of choice at Amador.

The best action takes place after dark along the face of the dam and in the coves along the campgrounds. Anglers keep their reel bails open, and let the cats take out as much as 20 feet of line before setting the hook.

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