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Nestled amidst breathtaking scenery and overlooked by the majestic peak of Mt. Shasta, Lake Siskiyou Resort offers a unique and unforgettable fishing experience. Anglers seeking trophy trout, thrilling bass action, and serene surroundings will find this relatively small lake an absolute gem.

Trophy Trout Haven

Lake Siskiyou is renowned for its remarkable trout fishing. Rainbow trout in the 16 to 22-inch range are a common catch, with some true lunkers reaching 6 to 8 pounds! The lake’s ample food supply and excellent water quality create ideal conditions for these hard-fighting fish to thrive.

Bass Angler’s Delight

The bass fishing scene at Lake Siskiyou has been steadily gaining attention. Largemouth bass have a well-established presence, and now, feisty smallmouth and spotted bass are increasingly abundant, with some specimens topping out at 3 ½ pounds. Whether you enjoy the power of largemouths or the spirited fight of their smaller cousins, Lake Siskiyou won’t disappoint.

More than Just Fishing

The Lake Siskiyou Resort caters to the needs of anglers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Excellent onshore facilities provide convenient amenities for a day trip or an extended stay. And best of all, the absence of water skiing allows for a truly peaceful and focused fishing experience on the lake’s tranquil waters.

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Beyond the Cast – Exploring the Area

Scenic Splendor: The lake itself is a picturesque sight, but don’t forget to gaze up at the awe-inspiring Mt. Shasta, which dominates the landscape. Hiking trails in the surrounding area offer opportunities to explore the natural beauty further.
Campground or Comfort: Whether you prefer the rustic charm of the campground or opt for the resort’s cozy accommodations, there are options to suit your style.
Family-Friendly: With a swimming area, boat rentals, and a relaxed atmosphere, Lake Siskiyou Resort is a fantastic destination for a fishing-themed family getaway.

Lake Siskiyou Resort
Lake Siskiyou

Tips for Your Visit

Plan Your Season: Spring and fall offer ideal fishing conditions. Research regulations and licensing requirements beforehand.
Techniques and Tackle: Be prepared with a variety of lures and bait options to target both trout and bass. Experiment to find what works best throughout the day.
Shoreline or Boat: Rent a boat to access diverse fishing spots, or enjoy the serenity of casting from the shore.

Lake Siskiyou Resort delivers on its promise of an angler’s dream – superb fishing, stunning scenery, and the perfect combination of amenities and unspoiled nature. Start planning your trip today!

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