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Important and useful line and artificial fly accessories, available from your local fishing tackle dealer, include:

Floatants“: fly-line grease to make your leader line float; also dry-fly oil, paste or spray to help artificial dry flies float on the water surface.

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Sinkants“`: commercial preparations to remove grease from your leader line and make the leader line sink.

Cast carriers: spare leader lines can be tied and wound onto circular cast carriers, then stored and carried with you on fly-fishing trips.


Spare reel spool: often useful, when filled with ready-tied backing line, fly-line and leader line, makes possible speedy waterside changes of complete fly-fishing line in one swift action.

Fly boxes: essential for safe storage and transporting of your artificial flies. Always dry used artificial flies before returning them to their box.

Hook sharpener: to keep the hook point of your artificial flies trout-looking sharp.

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