clear lake
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Clear Lake is in Lake County between Hwy 101 and I-5, with Hwy. 20 connecting the two and running along the lake’s north shore. It’s about 110 miles north of San¬†Francisco.

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It is the largest natural body of water entirely within California. It is about 20 miles long, has over 100 miles of shoreline and 43,800 surface acres of water. It’s deepest point is 60 feet with an average of 28 feet. Lake elevation is 1300 feet.


Florida-strain large-mouth bass, catfish, pan fish.

clear lake camping

Clear Lake Camping

There are probably more facilities surrounding the lake than any other lake in California. The only public camping facility for Clear Lake Camping is at Clear Lake State Park (707) 279-4293. Reservations are suggested during the summer months, (800) 446-7275.

Information on the scores of other resorts, campgrounds, launching ramps, marinas, etc. is available from the Lake County Chamber of Commerce, (707) 263-6131 and from the Chamber of Commerce, (707) 994-3600.

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