Rainbow Trout Diet
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The Rainbow Trout Diet

As we knew on Rainbow Trout Facts, trout in streams and rivers have remarkably catholic diets, feeding on a vast array of aquatic and terrestrial insects and other invertebrates as well as occasionally on small fish.

In the following articles we consider the rainbow trout diet, characteristics and life-cycles of the main orders of aquatic insects upon which trout and grayling fish live in running water, a couple of other basic aquatic food forms and, relatively briefly, the main terrestrial creatures they take advantage of when the opportunity presents itself.

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Staples in the Rainbow Trout Diet

Essentially, the aquatic insects that form the staple diets of trout in streams and rivers can be divided into four main groups:

  1. up-winged flies
  2. sedge flies
  3. stone flies and
  4. flat-winged flies

A basic understanding of the distribution, appearance and life-cycle of each of these groups is important to the angler. Doing so can help him to identify what the fish are feeding. Later he can select an appropriate artificial from his fly box. The descriptions that follow cover the main insect families. Detailed descriptions of the individual species are also covered in the following posts.

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