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Bass fishing is at its best in early spring. Fish up to 5 pounds are not uncommon. Purple and brown plastic worms are local favorites as are plugs like the Rebel Deep Wee R. Rebel and Rapala minnow-type plugs also produce as do spinnerbaits and jigs.

Lake Chabot Fishing Report

Bass Cove is productive as is the north shore of Honker Bay. Channel cats at Chabot are in the 1-4 pound class, but the marina reports some much larger catches. Chicken livers are one of the best baits here. Nightcrawlers produce catfish as well as some bass.

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Summer is the best time for cat fishing, but they are taken all year-round. Chabot also has some top-notch crappie activity in the spring. They range up to a foot long and are mostly taken on artificial crappie jigs like  Fle Flys. Experienced anglers recommend using the smaller jigs available. Trout are the standby species at Chabot.

Trolling is a popular angling technique as is anchored and shore fishing with a sliding sinker rig. Garlic marshmallows and salmon eggs are top baits. Spinners and trout spoons (like Kastmasters in 1/8 ounce gold) are good at lake inflows or when fish are near shore.

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