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Important and useful fly-fishing tackle accessories, available from your local fishing tackle dealer, include:

Landing-net: adjustable (telescopic) long handled large (wide-mouthed) landing-net; essential to land hooked big trout, that threaten to break your leader line.

Artery forceps: to remove the hook from a trout’s mouth with speed, and without harm to the trout, should you intend returning the trout to its water.

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Scissors: a small air of sharp scissors to snip line and trim loose ends of knots at the waterside.

Priest: weighty blunt instrument to kill trout instantly and humanely; called a priest because it administers the trout’s last rites – an old angling joke.

Marrow spoon: to scoop out the stomach contents of a freshly caught and killed trout, to see what the trout has been feeding on.

Rod bag or rod tube: to store, protect and transport your fly-fishing rod.

Reel case: to store, protect and transport your fly-fishing reel.

Tackle bag: to store, protect and transport your fly-fishing tackle and accessories.

Bass bag: specially designed to carry home your bumper fresh catch of big trout.

Clothing: Check you have adequate warm and waterproof clothing. A special fly-fishers many pocketed waistcoat or “vest” supplies handy places to lodge nick-nacks ready for easy access when required.

A peaked cap or floppy hat and polarizing sunglasses provide protection for your eyes and head; the peaked cap or floppy hat also shades your eyes and together with the polarizing sunglasses, reduces glare from the water, enabling you to see the trout ordinarily hidden from view.

Insect repellent: never be without it!

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