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Indian Valley Reservoir has a different personality from many other Northern California major fishing lakes.

It’s somewhat off the beaten path and often overshadowed by Clear Lake, it’s big neighbor 15 miles to the west.

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This means that the fishing pressure is lighter than at most other lakes. And none of the brush and trees in the lake canyons and valleys were cleared before filling began in 1974; therefore, there is excellent fish habitat.

Indian Valley Camping Center
Indian Valley

Indian Valley Camping Center

Indian Valley has lots of largemouths (some smallmouths) in the 3-5 pound range, and both Eagle Lake and rainbow trout up to 25 inches.

There are also good populations of catfish, crappie and bluegill. At 1,475 feet elevation, most of the lake is about 120 feet deep, and up to 200 feet at the dam.

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