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Whether you’re a seasoned angler or looking to try fishing for the first time, parkway lakes offer a fantastic opportunity to catch a variety of fish in a convenient setting. Here’s a breakdown of tried-and-true tactics to get you started:

Targeting Trout

Bait Power: Salmon eggs and garlic-scented mini marshmallows are classic trout baits for a reason. Rig them on a sliding sinker setup to keep your bait near the bottom where trout often cruise.
Lure Appeal: Spinners like Mepps, Rooster Tails, and Panther Martins excel at triggering strikes. Their flash and vibration mimic fleeing baitfish. Experiment with different colors and sizes to find what works best.
Fly Fishing Finesse: Wooly Worm flies imitate aquatic invertebrates that trout love. A light fly rod setup is ideal for presenting these naturally.
Weight Matters: Even when big trout are in the mix, light tackle (4-6 pound line) increases your chances. Combine patience and finesse to wear hefty fish down.
Trophy Trout Hotspots: Focus your efforts on the lake’s northwest corner and southern end – tried-and-true areas for trout catches.

Catfish on the Line

Bottom Dwellers: Catfish are scavengers, so concentrate your bait offerings along the eastern shore’s bottom. Cut bait, nightcrawlers, or commercial catfish attractants are all great choices.
Location, Location: Seek out areas with structure and submerged brush piles, as these are natural hiding spots for catfish.

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Bass in the Brush

Target the Habitat: Florida-strain largemouth bass love lurking in cover. Cast your lures near brushy areas, fallen trees, and shoreline vegetation.
Topwater Temptation: Early mornings and dusk are prime time for exciting topwater strikes. Try buzzbaits, poppers, or plastic frogs for exhilarating blowups.
Worm Your Way to Success: When the bite gets tough, a Texas-rigged plastic worm slowly worked through cover is hard for bass to resist.

Fishing Fun for All Ages

Parkway lakes are excellent spots to introduce kids (and adults!) to fishing. The frequent action keeps everyone engaged and teaches the basics of fish behavior, bait presentation, and the thrill of a catch.

Additional Tips

Local Knowledge: Visit a bait shop before heading out. They’ll have up-to-date info on hot spots and what’s working best.
License Up: Always have a valid fishing license and be aware of any size or bag limit regulations.
Beyond the Catch: Parkway fishing is about the experience too. Enjoy the surroundings, pack snacks, and make memories with friends and family.

Tight lines and happy fishing!

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