There are some very basic rods, reels, and lines suitable for lake fishing. In this day and age of high technology products, fishermen, like audio buffs and shutterbugs, have a tendency to overly complicate their array of necessary equipment. Some trout fishermen are a retailers dream come true. More monofilament line is sold to trout fisherman in California than to any other group of anglers.

Lake Fishing Gear

More rods, reels, lures and gadgets are also brought by trouters than any other fishermen. The very nature of the sport, which requires using primarily gossamer light 2 to 6 pound test line, means that a lot of lures, hooks, sinkers, and bait will be lost on a few big trout, and even more likely, on snags on the bottom. Walk into almost any tackle store in California, and you will see a predominance of trout fishing gear.

Trout fishermen are thus seen as having excellent sales potential to tackle shop owners, since they know you will have to replenish your terminal tackle (i.e. hooks, sinkers, baits, and lures) from time to time. With lake usage fees, boat rentals, food, lodging, and travel expenses, the costs for even the simplest weekend trip can add up. So, think about your essential equipment needed to get started lake fishing, keeping it simple with minimal investment.