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Keep your rod upright and line taut – a taut line seldom tangles on underwater snags; apply as much pressure on the racing trout as you dare – timid playing loses trout. A particularly powerful and pugnacious trout may be made to yield by applying side-strain (hold your rod parallel to the water surface; side strain pulls the hooked trout’s head from the side and puts the trout off balance).

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Pump the trout towards you, by reeling-in line while lowering the rod tip, then raise the rod tip and keep the recovered line on your reel. Never give out line unless judged absolutely necessary to avoid breakage.

Defeat a leaping trout’s attempt to strain and snap the line by momentarily lowering your rod tip to reduce line tension.

On the flowing waters of rivers or stream, keep downstream (down current) of the hooked trout, then the trout can’t use the strength of the water’s current in its fight against you, and by turning the trout and pulling it downstream, (down current), you force the trout’s gills shut and it has difficulty breathing. The trout’s capacity to fight is reduced.

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