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Fishing from temporary bamboo bridges is a rather contemplative Asian method that requires much preparation. The bamboo bridge is really a personal platform over a carefully chosen location on a lake or river. The fisherman lashes green bamboo sticks together across two supporting rocks about two feet above the water level.

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To catch fish, he uses a lift net made from plant fiber. The net measures about four feet square, and its four corners are tied to thin bamboo poles held in the fisherman’s hands. Before fishing, he places white stone slabs on the bottom both to attract fish and to provide a bright background against which to observe them.

When all is set, the fisherman crouches and watches. If he is fortunate, a school of snow trout will move in, at which time he brings the bamboo poles together and snatches the rig smartly upward. Bamboo bridge fishing works best during dry season; monsoons roil the water too much. When conditions are right, a skilled practitioner may land twenty pounds of fish per day.

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