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San Luis Reservoir and the adjoining O’Neill Forebay offer some of the best freshwater striped bass fishing anywhere. This includes consistent trophy-sized fish opportunities as well as fast-paced action on the bass in the 2 to 8 pound range. The primary purpose of most people who visit San Luis is to catch striped bass.

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Maybe that’s because facilities are limited, and in this rolling but arid setting on the southern slopes of Pacheco Pass, it can get hot and it can get windy. But if you’re looking for a place for some dedicated, first class striper angling, San Luis should be your choice.

There is no managed fishery program at San Luis. Rather, the great striper fishing is a result of the millions of gallons of Delta water that is pumped into O’Neill and San Luis. Small fry and fingerling stripers that are hatched in the Delta’s sloughs come along in the pumping process. Once in the forebay and reservoir, stripers grow and thrive.

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