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Ocean cliffs are dramatically rugged landscapes, often towering ocean fish-rich habitat below them. This has not escaped the attention of adventurous fishermen.

Some cliffs may be amenable to climbing part or all of the way to the bottom.

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Along California’s San Mateo coastline, striped-bass anglers clad in wet suits scramble down steep trails or lower themselves on ropes to reach prime casting sites.

Even more daring are certain anglers in the Maltese town of Gozo, who dangle from ropes lowered along the cliffs to reach the best, but otherwise, inaccessible, waters.

On the Aran Islands of Ireland, locals fish for wrasse and rock-fish off cliffs using three-hundred-foot handlines. To keep the line free from the rock face, the anglers extend one leg out and passes the line between his toes. Sensitive digits are needed to detect bites on hundred yards away.

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